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Welcome to Color Spectrum Property Services

When your home or business seems like it’s looking a little dull, a new paint job can spruce up your walls and add vibrant colors. But a new paint job takes a lot of work. Let Color Spectrum handle the job for you and you’ll be assured a paint job so excellent you may not recognize your walls.

At Color Spectrum, we’ve been serving the Wake County area with excellent paint services for over 15 years. Color Spectrum is comprised of a team of meticulous and detail oriented individuals for whom painting is passion and not just a business.

We handle all kinds of residential paint jobs, interior and exterior, and are eager to improve the look of your home
or office. Color Spectrum also does pressure washing and carpentry and repair work as well.

Give your home or business a fresh, clean look with the help of Color Spectrum. Call us today for a free estimate.

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Our Services

* Commercial Painting
* Exterior Painting
General Painter
Interior Painting
Residential Painting
Pressure Washing

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